Friday, October 21, 2005

Mr. Hulot's Holiday

More sketches from a film.
This time, the French classic "Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot" (1953) (Mr. Hulot's Holiday)
by Jacques Tati, that brilliant filmmaker, genius and comedian.
Tati's style is mainly visual (He was originally a mime!) I've got the original French version with no subtitles, and it's incredible how I can understand (and enjoy) every minute in the movie, even I don't know any word in French language!
Great gags and a lot of visual info about composition.
And yes, it's made in "glorious" black and white (though the original master was filmed in color, it's distributed in b/w, in a tribute to silent films)


Manuela said...

You make some realy gorgeus scketches :D

R.Soler said...

Hola señor Goma!
Gracias por visitarme y gracias por esos comentarios tan animosos.
Espero ver tu "remote" pronto.
Estos apuntes de M Hulot son fantásticos, me gustan mucho los dibujos así, a lápiz sin más.

Alina Chau said...

This is GREAT Stuff!!

Joan said...

Abocetar las películas o cualquier cosa de la “caja tonta” me parece una práctica excelente. Yo mismo llené muchas páginas con esbozos de este tipo.
Tus dibujos me parecen excelentes. Mantener este tipo de diario de lo que ves en la tele es, además, un recordatorio muy especial de lo que viste.

4ojos said...

Muy bonitos. El tono sepia le da un buen punto

pasto said...

Really nice, did you draw without pausing the movie ?
I like your sketches series with a lot of character on one page, really dynamic.

rubio2d said...

Sometimes pausing, sometimes not. I try not to use it very much, but in a complete movement scene it's almost impossible not going frame-to-frame.

Shawn Escott said...

Nice observational sketches! Great illustration friday work too!